The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers students a traditional liberal education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Research Mentors

Advisor E-mail Address Office Phone Research Area
Dr. Pete Haddix Goodwyn Hall 311B 244-3333 Cell growth, energy and pigment production in the bacterium Serratia marcescens
Dr. Rosine Hall Goodwyn Hall 016 244-3739 Forest ecology and plant demographics
Dr. Tim Kroft Goodwyn Hall 310P 244-3331 Genetics of fertilization using the nematode C. elegans as a model
Dr. Chelsea Ward Goodwyn Hall 310E 244-3317 Toad immunology as it relates to environmental stressors
Dr. Steve Arnold Goodwyn Hall 310J 244-3328 Ultraviolet-visible absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy
Dr. John Hutchison Goodwyn Hall 309M 244-3522 Synthesis of natural product derivatives for the discovery of new biologically active compounds
Dr. Daniel Kim Goodwyn Hall 310H 244-3329 Application of ultrasound in chemical systems
Dr. Randy Russell Goodwyn Hall 310D 244-3323 Boundary layer meteorology
Dr. Geetha Thangiah Goodwyn Hall 309N 244-3336 Biochemical pathways connected to the development of Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease using cell culture and Western Blot analysis
Dr. Nick Thomas Goodwyn Hall 310I 244-3327 Synthesis of organometallic complexes of Ruthenium
Communication and Theatre        
Dr. Hilary Gamble Liberal Arts 223F 244-3359 Media effects
Dr. Silvia Giagnoni Liberal Arts 223C 244-3358 Immigration studies; media and cultural studies; film studies; cultural theory; media criticism; feature writing
Dr. Matthew Killmeier Liberal Arts 223D 244-3950 Media history, film, critical-cultural media theory, and journalism criticism and analysis
English and Philosophy
Dr. Robert Evans Liberal Arts 341 244-3394 Literary theory, literary criticism, literary history
Dr. Jason Gray Liberal Arts 360 N/A Free will and moral responsibility, death and philosophy, philosophical analyses of addiction
Dr. Darren Harris-Fain Liberal Arts 336 244-3489 American novel, science fiction and fantasy, comics and graphic novels
Dr. Seth Reno Liberal Arts 359A 244-3384 19th-century British literature, ecocriticism, science and literature studies, affect studies
Fine Arts        
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History and World Languages & Cultures
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Mathematics and Computer Science  
Dr. Tianran Chen Goodwyn Hall 310A N/A Numerical algebraic geometry with applications in physics and engineering
Dr. Yue Chen Goodwyn Hall 310S 244-3261 Homogenization Theory of Partial Differential Equations, Multiscale Analysis, Stability Analysis of Crystal Growth
Dr. Luis Alberto Cueva-Parra Goodwyn Hall 310B 244-3321 a) Multi-scale multi-physics modeling and simulation of physical and chemical phenomena. b) High Performance Computing
Dr. Jerome Goddard II Goodwyn Hall 213B 244-3023 Population modeling using differential equations
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