The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers students a traditional liberal education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Programs of Study

The Department of Fine Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts with two concentrations, and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, with five concentrations:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Art History concentration
Explore the visual culture of all times and places.
Art History Program of Study

Visual Art concentration
Undertake a wide-ranging investigation of art and art history, and explore the world of ideas in a broad, liberal arts degree plan.
Visual Arts Program of Study

Bachelor of Arts

Graphic Design concentration
Prepare for a career in design using print, digital, video and presentation media.
Graphic Design Program of Study 

Photography concentration
Learn the latest digital technology, and explore the potential of photography as a medium for creating fine art.
Photography Program of Study

Painting and Drawing concentration
Express yourself in one of the world's oldest artistic traditions. Learn how to use paints of many kinds, including watercolors.
Painting and Drawing Program of Study

Ceramics concentration
Discover the properties of clay. Learn to use the potter's wheel, along with hand modeling, glazing and kiln-firing techniques
Ceramics Program of Study

Sculpture concentration
Explore the many possibilities for constructing three-dimensional art. Traditional media include wood, metal and stone, but the materials you use are limited only by your imagination.
Sculpture Program of Study


Minor in Art History Program of Study
Ceramics Minor Program of Study 
Graphic Design Minor Program of Study
Music Minor Program of Study
Painting Minor Program of Study
Photography Minor Program of Study
Sculpture Minor Program of Study