The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers students a traditional liberal education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Scholarships, Job Opportunities, and Internships


The Department of English and Philosophy offers the following scholarships:

English and Philosophy Scholarship: Available to English majors. Contact: Dr. John Havard, at or 334-244-3228.

Guin A. Nance Endowed Scholarship: Available to junior or senior English majors. 3.5 GPA required. Contact: Dr. John Havard, at or 334-244-3228.

Marion Michael Scholarship: Available to English majors. Contact: Dr. John Havard, at or 334-244-3228.

Randall Cobb Memorial Scholarship: Available to English majors. Contact: Dr. John Havard, at or 334-244-3228.

For more information contact Dr. John Havard, Chair, Department of English and Philosophy at or 334-244-3228.

Job Opportunities

Majoring in English means learning about the passions and perplexities, the hopes and fears of human beings. They may appear very different from us, but they are essentially the same. Learning about them gives us the chance to learn about ourselves. It provides an opportunity to grasp more profoundly what it means — and has meant — to be human.

Your English major will help you develop the following skills that are vital in nearly every profession and have been repeatedly rated by Fortune 500 companies as some of the most vital skills for employees to possess.

1. Think clearly
2. Analyze complex problems
3. Distinguish the essential from the non-important
4. Focus on details without losing sight of the whole picture
5. Research
6. Evaluate evidence
7. Find new, creative solutions to old problems
8. Express the results of your analysis in effective language

Career Opportunities for English majors, provided by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
English-related career opportunities, provided by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Students are also strongly encouraged to go to the Career Development Center at least annually, starting in their freshman year, to learn about job opportunities for English majors and to learn how to prepare themselves for the job market.


Writing and Editing Internship Program 
The Writing and Editing Internship Program, ENGL 4924/6924, gives you on-the-job experience as a writer and/or editor. You may earn up to 12 hours of academic credit toward graduation through these positions. 

Many who participate find the experience leads them into good-paying, satisfying jobs, often with the same company with which they did their internship. 

Eligibility and Application Process 
You may be considered for the internship program after completing a minimum of 6 hours of the department’s upper-level or graduate courses in writing, editing, or rhetoric. This requirement may be waived if you have significant work experience or excellent academic records, or at the discretion of the director. 

Prerequisite Courses - Junior standing and six hours from the following courses:
ENGL 3030, Technical Writing
ENGL 3050, Advanced Expository Writing
ENGL 3060, Business and Professional Writing
ENGL 3070, Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 4050/6050, Advanced English Grammar
ENGL 4070/6070, History of the English Language
ENGL 4973/6973, Editing and Editors

Internship Plan
During the semester preceding enrollment in ENGL 4924/6924, submit a letter requesting permission to participate in the internship program and state what you hope to gain from the experience. 

The letter should be submitted to Dr. Eric Sterling, Chair, Internship Committee, Department of English and Philosophy. Once a student is approved for an internship, the committee will assign an internship coordinator and work with the student to identify the company with which the student will work. Working with the internship coordinator and a representative from the company, the student will develop a schedule, including at least 15 hours per week of on-site editing and/or writing. 

Internship Partners 
Several local companies have joined the internship program as partners, including Montgomery Living magazine, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the Montgomery Advertiser, NewSouth Books, River City Publishing, Reid & O'Donahue Advertising and the Wetumpka Herald

For more information please contact Dr. Eric Sterling at the English and Philosophy Department, Auburn University at Montgomery, P.O. Box 244023, Montgomery, Alabama 36124-4023,, or at 334-244-3760.