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English as a Pre-Law Degree


Most universities in the United States do not offer a “pre-law” major. Instead, students preparing for law school customarily undertake traditional liberal arts majors such as English. Law schools are looking for students can who build, defend, and critique arguments effectively; conduct research; write clearly and correctly; and speak well. These are just the skills an English major fosters. The American Bar Association recommends an undergraduate education with a broad scope of education in English language and literature, philosophy, history, human behavior and social interaction, and basic mathematical competence. 

Admission to law school, performing well in it, and financing it can be challenging. Students should also be aware that hiring by law firms is currently particularly competitive, although an improving economy should help rectify matters. It is important that students interested in pursuing the law receive expert advice.

If you are an English major and plan to apply to law school, you should continue to meet with your assigned adviser in the department. 

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