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Composition at AUM and the English Placement Test



Our course content is aligned with nationally recommended first-year writing outcomes. Rubrics based on these outcomes are used in composition classes for student revision and instructor grading for each assignment. Students write in various genres in the first course and focus on research writing skills in the second course.

All of our courses are sequenced to help build students' writing experiences to prepare them for their university studies and beyond. Students will work closely with all of their instructors from the first day of their first class through their final composition course.

Our faculty is composed of a growing number of instructors who bring an exciting and experienced background with them into our classrooms. We strive to engage students in the writing skills they will need to write across the university's disciplines.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lilian Mina, the Director of Composition, at

English Placement Testing 

You are required to take the English Placement Test if you do not have ACT or SAT scores from within the last three years calendar years. If you desire a review of the basics of writing, you may register for ENGL 0103, Introduction to Composition, without taking the English Placement Test.

If you have taken the ACT/SAT within the past three years, then your English subsection score will determine your Freshman English placement: with a score of 17 or lower on the ACT or 449 or lower for the SAT, you will be placed in ENGL 0103; with a score of 18 or higher on the ACT or 450 or higher on the SAT you will be placed in ENGL 1010. Students scoring 17 or lower may take the Placement Test in an effort to test into ENGL 1010.

Note regarding COVID-19: Placement for students who were unable to take the ACT or SAT due to COVID-19 is determined by overall GPA. Students with a 2.8 and above are placed into ENGL1010. Students with 2.79 and below will take ENGL0103 unless they pass the English Placement Test.

Students who score a 32 or above on the English Placement Test are eligible to register for English Composition I (ENGL 1010). Students who score a 31 or below on the test register for Introduction to Composition (ENGL 0103).

The English Placement Test may only be taken once. There is no fee to take the test.

English Placement Test Schedule

During the spring, summer, and fall semesters, testing is scheduled on Thursday at 12 pm. Please contact your advisor for a schedule of which Thursdays the test will be given. 

Students must register a week in advance to take the placement test. For an appointment, please email Ms. Tara Woods in the Department of English & Philosophy at: Please include your S# (Student ID Number), your AUM email, and which Thursday you would like to take the test.​

Note regarding COVID-19: While social distancing is in place due to COVID-19, the Placement Test will be given electronically via Qualtrics. Please contact Ms. Woods for access. After completion of the test, your grade will be emailed to you and entered into the university system. You will then be able to register for the appropriate course. If you have questions after this point, please contact your advisor.

It is the policy of AUM to provide students with disabilities appropriate testing accommodations on the English Placement Test. Students with disabilities are encouraged to provide a minimum two weeks notification and appropriate documentation to the Center for Disability Services (CDS) for Writing Placement testing accommodations. Students may contact CDS in Taylor Center 147 or visit the CDS website prior to or upon enrollment at AUM.