The College of Arts and Sciences offers students a traditional liberal education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

biology iconBiology

Through teaching, research and service, the Department of Biology seeks to advance understanding of the life sciences at all levels, from molecules to ecosystems. Biology education at AUM strives to strengthen core disciplinary knowledge and to foster synergies that arise from the relationships students build with our creative and collaborative faculty.


chemistry iconChemistry 

The Department of Chemistry offers Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry (General) and a Professional Chemistry option.  These programs provide excellent preparation for jobs in chemical industry, application to medical, pharmacy, dental and optometry professional schools as well as graduate school in Chemistry.  You can earn the qualifications to become a Forensic Scientist.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in exciting chemical research with our faculty members.  

Communication and Theatre iconCommunication and Theatre

Communication and Theatre consists of two options:
Communication (Journalism or Public Relations)

Each area has its own unique course of study.

English and Philosophy iconEnglish and Philosophy 

The Auburn Montgomery English and Philosophy Department offers students a wealth of opportunities to develop intellectually while pursuing diverse academic, professional and personal goals. 
Students studying English at AUM benefit from a varied and supportive environment that includes small classes and intensive, personal instruction from experienced professors who hold terminal degrees and have published significant research in their specialties.

Fine Arts iconFine Arts 

In the Fine Arts Department at AUM, you can develop your own artistic voice as you become an artist, graphic designer, or art historian. You will learn from professors who are also successful practitioners in their field, and you will have the opportunity to express yourself creatively within a supportive and collaborative environment.

History and World Languages and Culture iconHistory and World Languages and Cultures 

The Department of History and World Languages and Cultures helps students to understand an increasingly diverse world by fostering the study of the human experience globally and historically. Students will become proficient in critical analysis, research, and oral, written, and digital communication, preparing them for a wide variety of careers.

Math and Computer Science iconMathematics and Computer Sciences

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department offers exciting and high quality bachelor (in both Mathematics and Computer Science) and master (in Cybersystems and Information Security) degree programs. We also offer an undergraduate degree in secondary education with an emphasis in Mathematics through cooperation with the College of Education. In addition, the department also offers two minors one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. 


Psychology iconPsychology

The psychology major offers students a robust education in scientific psychology. Some students will use the major as a stepping-stone to graduate school in psychology.  Others will use it as preparation for law school or a future career in education, counseling or business.  In addition, our research labs can help you develop essential critical thinking and data analysis skills.


Dean's Office 

We’ll help you get there. There may be a great career, even a hidden career that you don’t yet know exists.  There may be the self-understanding that makes you free. Our programs in the sciences, arts, humanities, and mathematics are what you need.  Our faculty, who don’t just teach but do what they teach, will show you the way.

And this offer is not just for students.  Our programs for the community brings these values outside AUM’s walls.