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Certificate in American Society and Culture


The courses that fulfill requirements of the certificate are:Required Courses (9 hours):

1. Required Courses (9 hours):
HIST 2010 United States History to 1865 (3 hours) (available online)
HIST 2020 United States History since 1865 (3 hours) (available online)
POLS 2020 American National Government (3 hours) (available online)

2. In addition, all students must select three course from the following list (9 hours):
ENGL 4720 American Short Stories (3 hours) (ENGL 1010 and 1020 are prerequisites for this course.)
MUSI 3300 Music Today (3 hours) (available online)
VISU 3050 American Art (3 hours)
COMM 2100:  Mass Media in Society (3 hours) (available online)
SOCI 2000 Introduction to Sociology (available online)

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